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Natty OÜ is the first and only company that is producing organic nut butters in Estonia.

Our mission is to make high-quality and consumer-available nut butters, which would become a daily part of the food table here in Estonia. Raise people’s awareness of the benefits and health of nuts and increase environmental conscious consumption.

Today we are producing three types of organic peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter and hazelnut butter. Our products can be found in 89 stores over Estonia .

Get What you pay for!

No sugars, vegetable oils or vegetable fats have been added to Natty products.

Made in Estonia!

The nuts are roasted, grinded and wrapped in Tartu. Natty was born in Elva!

First in Estonia!

Natty nut butters are the first organic certified nut butters that have been produced in Estonia.

Natty Peanut Butters

Three years ago we started producing organic peanut butter in Estonia:

"I was not a fan of peanut butter before... now it's hard to left the jar half full 😏😍”
Kadri Erit
"Best peanut butter ever! Jar does not last over couple of days!"
Sandra Sabur Teacher
"Jar is definitely too small 😉 I have to hide peanut butter at home , otherwise there will be nothing left for me 😊 Simply the Best!"
Astrid Külaots
"Long story short: "om nom nomm" 😀 Really tasty Estonian product!! Really cool design and the team behind Natty is also cool! Keep up the good work!"
Anni Ansmann Artist
"High quality nut butters that taste amazing and it's good to know that there is no added oils and sweeteners. Superb companion with sunday pancakes with honey or after workout protein boost!"
Kaspar Pedak Sport Enthusiast


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Our products can be found in 89 stores:

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Haabersti Rimi hyper
Lasnamäe Centrumi Rimi hyper
Mustamäe keskuse Rimi hyper
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Magistrali Rimi hyper
Nautica Rimi hyper
Viimsi Rimi hyper
Laagri Rimi hyper
Rakvere Rimi hyper
Tartu Rebase Rimi hyper
Peterburi tee Rimi hyper
Pärnu Kaubamajaka Rimi hyper
Ülemiste Rimi hyper
Pae Rimi hyper
Tartu Lõunakeskuse Rimi hyper

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Telliskivi Rimi super
Pirita Rimi super
Pärnamäe Rimi super
Tartu Tasku Rimi super

Rimi mini/express:

Tatari Rimi mini
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They sell: Natty Smooth Peanut Butter, Natty Crunchy Peanut Butter, Natty “Kašu” Cashew Butter

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They sell: All Natty Peanut butters, Natty “Kašu” Cashew Butter


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Järve Selver
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Viljandi Centrumi Selver
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They sell: All Natty Peanut butters

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They sell: All Natty Peanut butters

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Kiiks ja Knihv

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Allika ÖkopoodOTT Kohalik Talupood

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